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How to make engineering design and overall planning for vertical fire resistance test furnace?


It meets the standard requirements of ISO 3008-2007 "Fire-resistance Tests — Door and shutter assemblies" and NFPA "Standard Methods of Fire Test of Door Assemblies";

Vertical fire resistance test furnace of building components is suitable for evaluating the fire resistance of products such as fire doors installed at the openings of vertical partition members, fire shutter assemblies, fire bricks, fire glass, fire partition walls and fire windows.

Engineering design and overall planning:

1.Gas control part:

1.1 The test furnace uses canned liquefied petroleum gas as fuel, and adopts multi-bottle pipeline installation. That is to say, four bottles are connected in series into one group, and the two groups have eight bottles in total, and the automatic control circuit. When the pressure is lower than the set value during the test, the liquid phase switching valve will automatically switch to another group, which can prevent the gas from being used up suddenly during the test and interrupt the test.

1.2 In order to prolong the service life of the canned liquefied petroleum gas, a gasification furnace is used to convert the liquefied petroleum gas from liquefaction to gasification, so that the liquefied petroleum gas in the can can be fully burned.

1.3 In order to fully burn the gas after gasification, an air-fuel proportional valve is added to automatically adjust the ratio of air and gas to achieve the best combustion calorific value.

1.4 Fuel consumption: 100KG/h.

1.5 The gas circuit diagram of the gas control part is as follows:

ISO 3008

2. Pressure release system:

2.1 There is an exhaust hole on the rear side of the furnace wall, which is connected to the flue at the back to discharge the flue gas in the furnace body and control the pressure in the furnace. The air supply and exhaust in the furnace are controlled by a 15kw powerful fan and a frequency converter, and the air volume is automatically controlled by the program to meet the requirements of combustion, pressure and smoke exhaust. The indoor part of the flue adopts USU310S high temperature resistant stainless steel pipe, and the external flue gas cooling adopts water vapor cooling.


3. The occupied area:

3.1 The floor height is required to be more than 7.5 meters, and the total usable area of the test furnace, control room, gas room and sample preparation part: more than 275 square meters.

3.2 Required environment: well ventilated and easy to operate. There are no flammable and explosive items around.

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