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Building materials single burning item (SBI) laboratory setting requirements


The burning chamber of the building material single burning item test equipment is designed according to the standard requirements of GB/T 20284-2006 "Single burning item test for building materials and products". It is a test device used to determine the fire reactivity of building materials or products (excluding floor coverings and products specified in EC Decision 2000/147/EC) in the single combustion test (SBI).

Building materials single burning

The indoor height of the building material single burning item test combustion chamber is (2.4±0.1)m, and the indoor floor area is (3.0±0.2)X(3.0±0.2)m². Walls shall be constructed of masonry blocks (e.g. porous concrete), plasterboard, calcium silicate boards or other types of panels classified as class A1 or A2 according to EN 13501-1. Individual testing of building materials Individual testing of building materials An opening shall be provided in one wall of the combustion chamber to facilitate the movement of trolleys from an adjacent laboratory into the chamber. The width of the opening shall be at least 1470mm and the height shall be at least 2450mm (the size of the frame). Windows should be respectively set up on the two walls facing the two front surfaces of the vertical sample plate. In order to facilitate the control of the SBI device and the test piece after the trolley is in place, an additional door is required.


After the trolley is in place in the burning chamber of the single burning item building material test, the distance between the surface of the long-wing sample that is in contact with the U-shaped slot and the wall of theburning chamber should be (2.1 ± 0.1) m. This distance is the vertical distance between the long wing and the facing wall. The opening area of the combustion chamber for the single test of building materials (excluding the air inlet at the bottom of the trolley and the smoke exhaust opening in the hood) should not exceed 0.05 m².


Note 1: In order to be able to remove the side panels of the hood without moving the collector, attention should be paid to the connection between the SBI frame and the ceiling of the combustion chamber, and the side panels should be able to be removed at the bottom.


Note 2: The relative position of the frame in the combustion chamber should be determined according to the specific conditions of the connection between the combustion chamber and the frame.


Building material single burning item test equipment belongs to the building burning performance classification testing instrument, which can be used to evaluate the grade of building materials. Sino-Connaught SBI building material or product single burning item Testing Equipment, the operation interface style and all aspects of performance are equal to the British FTT, and some performances are even better than it. It is also used by testing institutions such as the Fire Research Institute.

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