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ZY6486 Smoke alarm fire detector testing box (standardized smoke box)

It is smoke alarm fire detector testing box,standardized smoke box,an independent Smoke alarm fire detector testing box, a point-type fireworks detector, and is suitable for various functional detection of alarm device installed in civil buildings.

Mechanical impact testing apparatus of cables for mining purpose

It is testing apparatus of cables,test of flexible rubber-sheathed cables,mechanical impact testing apparatus,suitable for mechanical shock resistance test of flexible rubber-sheathed cables for mining purpose below 6KV. 

Test furnace of smoke proof performance for fire doors

It is test furnace of smoke,proof performance for fire doors,test for fire doors,suitable test for fire doors of various structures that block smoke during fire. Under the specified test conditions, test the smoke leakage rate of fire doors.

Fire resistance testing apparatus for grooved couplings and fittings

It is fire resistance testing apparatus,testing apparatus for grooved couplings,testing apparatus for fittings,Fire resistance testing apparatus for grooved fittings in automatic sprinkler systems. It is widely used in the production inspection and development research of various fire hoses in production factories, product quality inspection institutes, scientific research institutions and other units, and other similar product related tests.

Air pressure sealing testing apparatus

It is high pressure gas pressure source,gas tightness test of container valve,air tightness test of gas fire,suitable for air tightness test of gas fire extinguishing system bottle group, signal feedback device, low leakage and high sealing valve and other components and closing pressure test of low leakage and high sealing valve.

Powder Extinguishing Agent Electrical Insulation Test Apparatus

It is test of powder extinguishing agent,powder extinguishing agent test,electrical insulation test apparatus,suitable for the electrical insulation performance test of powder extinguishing agent, and the electrical insulation is ≥5kv.

Fire Extinguisher Electrical Insulation Performance Testing Apparatus

It is fire extinguisher electrical insulation,electrical insulation performance testing apparatus,electrical insulation performance test,The high-pressure console is provided by the supplier, the control program should include the action of the cylinder (bore diameter 25, stroke 100 MAL25x100-CA), and a high-voltage line of 5 meters 35Kv 1.5 square meters should be provided

Sprinkler system hydraulic strength testing apparatus

It is hydraulic strength testing apparatus,water pressure sealing test,strength test of sprinkler test,suitable for water pressure sealing and strength test of sprinkler.

Sprinklers flow coefficient measuring apparatus

It is two sets of test devices,sprinklers flow coefficient test,sprinkler flow coefficient measurement,Applicable to sprinkler flow coefficient measurement.




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