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Fire Extinguisher Vibration Impact Test Apparatus

This Vibration Impact Test Machine Compliant with ISO 7165:2009 standards,It is suitable for the vibration impact test of 1~12kg portable fire extinguishers.

Resistance To Corrosion Performance Test Apparatus

This Resistance To Corrosion Performance Test Apparatus Comply with IEC 60068-2-11:2021,ASTM G85-02,ISO 7165-2009 standards,Used in the internal and external corrosion test of 12kg fire extinguisher.

Fire Extinguishing Performance Test Equipment

Applicable to ISO 7165:1999 ,ISO 7165:2009,ISO 11601:1999,ISO 11601:2017 standard,for extinguishing Class A, B, and C fire performance test.

Vibration Test Equipment For Fire Extinguisher

Compliant with ISO 7165-2009 standards,This Vibration Test machine is suitable for vibration test of 1-8 kg portable and dry powder fire extinguishers. 

Driving Performance Test Apparatus For Cart Fire Extinguisher

Comply with ISO 11601:2017,It is suitable for the driving performance test of the trolley fire extinguisher.

Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Apparatus

Compliant with ISO 2592 standards It is suitable for the determination of flash and fire points of petroleum products by the Cleveland open cup method. Flash point and fire point are used to evaluate the flammability and combustibility of substances.

Pensky-Martin Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

This Automatic Pensky Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester Comply with ISO 2719-2016 and ASTM D93-2018 standards,It is suitable for determining the flash point of flammable liquids, liquids with suspended particles, liquids whose surface tends to form a film under test conditions, and other liquids by the Pensky-Martin closed cup method. 

UV Aging Test Chamber

Comply with ISO 4892,The ultraviolet accelerated aging test chamber adopts imported UVA-340 fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as the light source, which can simulate the hazards caused by sunlight, rain and dew.

Vertical Fire Resistance Test Furnace Of Building Components

The Vertical Fire Resistance Test Furnace Comply with ISO3008-2007,suitable for evaluating the fire resistance of products such as fire doors installed at the openings of vertical partition members, fire shutter assemblies, fire bricks, fire glass, fire partition walls and fire windows.

Single Burning Item Fire Testing Equipment

The design of this instrument meets the requirements of ISO 5725-1(2):1994, EN 136011, EN 13238.Single Burning Item Fire Testing Equipment is suitable for evaluating the fire performance of flat building products. 

Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter ISO 1716

Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Comply with the test standards of ISO 1716-2002 "Reaction to fire test for building materials and products—Determination of the heat of combustion".

Smoke Density Tester ISO 19700

ISO 19700 Smoke density testers are used to determine the fire resistance and smoke-generating characteristics of materials such as plastics, rubber, textiles, and other materials.

Material Smoke Toxicity Hazard Classification Tester

Comply with the standard requirements of ISO19700-2006,It is suitable for the test equipment for the grading of smoke toxicity hazard for materials that produce smoke stably.

High-Temperature Digital Display Limiting Oxygen Index Test Apparatus

The Limiting Oxygen Index Test Apparatus meets the requirements of ISO4589-3:2017, suitable for evaluating the combustion performance of materials such as solid, laminated, foams, soft flakes and thin films under specified environments.

Oxygen Index Test Apparatus

Oxygen Index Test Apparatus Comply with JIS7201, BS2782, ANSI/ASTM, D2863, ISO4589-2:1996 test standards.suitable for homogeneous solid materials, laminates, foam materials, soft sheets and film materials with apparent density greater than 100kg/m³ 




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